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Hello. If you just found my comics, WELCOME! I am Drógo Nazhûr. I am an amateur 3D hobbyist. I earn my living by being a licensed Private Investigator. The job is nothing like what is shown on television or in flims. First off, we do not go chasing criminals. That is a job for the police. We gather evidence. Evidence that a husband is cheating on his wife or evidence that a person who claims to be seriously injuried and is suing for a large sum of money is not really injuried at all. That type of stuff.

The job is EXTREMELY boring. I spend hours and hours every day for weeks and even months just waiting for the right opportunity to get incriminating evidence that the person isn't injuried or that a person is cheating on their spouse. While waiting for that to happen, I spend a lot of time daydreaming.

Daydreaming about how the job could be more exciting if it was the way it's shown in films and on television. My stories are true to life with a "what if" added into it.

Additionally, in my youth, I read a lot of comic books and created my own heroes and even illustrated my own adventures. I'm going to take these two concepts (true to life events & superheros) and create my own unique universe which I hope that you will enjoy following along.

I am presently averaging about one submission a day. Comments & recommendations are welcomed & encouraged. They give me the encouragement to keep doing this and it gives me ideas for future tales. Once, again, welcome and please consider subscribing so you never miss a submission.

by Drógo Nazhûr